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What is a single bet?

A single bet is by far the easiest way of making a bet. When placing a single bet, you are betting on 1 outcome in 1 event. If your outcome proves to be correct, then you win the bet. Your potential return is dependent upon the odds and the stake.

The number of possible outcomes in a single bet depends on both the sport and the market you are betting on. Betting on football for example, there are 3 possible outcomes in Full Time (home win, draw or away win) while there are only 2 possible outcomes in Both Teams To Score (yes or no).

Example of a single bet

For example, if you place a single bet on Arsenal to beat Tottenham at odds 6/4 with a stake of £10 your return will be £25 (6/4*£10=£25) if the Gunners end up winning their match against Spurs and your profit will be £15 (£25-£10=£15). If Arsenal does not beat Tottenham, your stake is lost.

It is also possible to place an outright single bet. That means you bet on the winner of a specific event or tournament. For example, if you place a bet on Manchester City to win the Champions League at odds 9/2 with a stake of £10 your return will be £55 (9/2*£10=55) and your profit will be £45 (£55-£10=£45) if the Citizens end up lifting the CL trophy.

Pros and cons of a single bet

The pro of a single bet is that you only need to predict one outcome to win. The con of a single bet is that you need to place a big stake in order to get a solid return – especially if the odds on the outcome are low.

How to use the bet calculator

It's easy to use the Unibet Betting Odds Calculator. First, you need to decide which type of bet you want, of which we have many, from singles, accumulators to Goliaths and Lucky 15s, 31 s and 63s.

Once you've chosen, select your bet type on the calculator (which we've broken out with easy navigational links in the menu) and then decide if you want the odds to be displayed in a fractional or decimal format in the top right corner.

After that, you'll need to input your stake - how much you want to bet. You'll then want to decide if that bet is each way, add any rule 4s, and whether you want to see the selection notes or fold options. We've put a tooltip text over some of these, to give you some explanation if they're unfamiliar. Finally, enter the odds and the outcome: Winner, Lost, Void and/or Dead Heat. If there are multiple selections you would like to make, enter the odds for each one. Simply click the 'Calculate Now' option and both your potential return and profit will be displayed for you.